May 30, 2010

Degree of imbalance?

It is a sad if not an appalling circumstance, to experience various job postings assigned to foreign individuals who in my view have caused a steep rise in the level of unemployment in the country, as of present. I believe that the situation is accelerated by lack of government regulation and intervention in such matters which has resulted in various foreign and local entities to source human capital from abroad.

I would like to disregard the fact that Tanzanians are unfit for those respective posts in form of qualifications or expertise. In the last decade or so, various measures have been instituted and adopted by governmental organizations with assistance from donors abroad. This has increased the output of qualified labor in the market and given a potential pool to choose from, for various employers in the industry. However, this has been ignored by donor-funded organizations and the matter is also pertinent to local companies in different sectors such as banking, telecommunications and mining.

As a Tanzanian citizen and resident, I have observed the trend over the last few years but never has it been so detrimental to our locals. It has resulted in hardships for able and qualified personnel resulting in juggling jobs to stay afloat with stable income or for some; social distress causing paralysis of income.

It is at this juncture that private and public stakeholders should promote social justice in this imbalance of equality for the betterment of our nation as a whole. We have witnessed relative inefficiencies in public management and tinge of ignorance from the relevant authorities.

May 26, 2010

Beginning of the End?

So, today the Tanzanian Shilling was trading at TZS 1542 to the US Dollar! Are these the testing times we used to envisage a few years ago?

Today, the scenario is challengingly facing us. The impetus lies with the people of the nation than the government if I am to opine. In my view, it is preferably time for the residents to challenge the policies, actions and conduct of the ruling party - CCM, in power to tackle the prevailing circumstances. The way facing the nation of present is one of struggle, hardship and laundering for the elite to sustain themselves amidst the crunch felt, especially by the middle-income earners.

The gap has ever so widened in the last decade or so, but hardly have measures been instituted to tackle the anomaly. The people of the country have been known to be dormant and reluctant to nurture aggressiveness to express their dissent at the actions of the government.

It is NOW that the Tanzania will face torrid times in the face of social hardship caused by the economic downturn. Job security will plummet, while the disposable incomes continue to slope downwards. Industries will face challenging times whilst increasing the cost of goods produced. Infrastructure has been ever so weak and ineffective.

The onus is on Tanzanians' to make use of their solidarity to confront the leaders in power and be held accountable for their misdemeanor.

May 23, 2010

Africa "can" end Poverty!

I came across this interesting read and gained prudence into the potential of the African continent. Despite major bottlenecks faced by individuals, businesses, societies and the nation at large, I firmly believe that every opportunity sits on a problem, hence not only "foreign institutions" are required to invest their skills and knowledge, but a great degree of impetus lies with the nationals themselves to exploit the same.

The dogma of seeing the "glass half empty" has surfaced time and again in evaluation of the potential and underlying ability of the socio-economic domain. As plainly put, the process of change knows no halts. Inculcation of values and harnessing opportunities in the continent have to be implemented by national bodies to gain global understanding and recognition.


I have always wanted to blog, but always reluctant to experience the process of setting up one. I initially thought to share my views via my personal website, but I had to be one of those indecisive individuals affected by a paradox of thought! So, here I am, and I hope to reflect my ideas, viewpoints and more importantly portray the true African circumstance.

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