December 24, 2010

Civilization 2.0

I have read several views and columns on Web 2.0. But you may wonder what Civilization 2.0 is - and what development or opportunities it holds - at least in the Tanzanian context, since we know that the concept explores harmony and collaboration to engage in sustainable solutions in tackling the ever-problematic issues of climate change and increasing population with depleting resource allocation.

Well, to best answer that, it holds nothing but misery. Yes! It does.

In the context of the Tanzanian scene of recent, it has been a case of absolute misery more than anything - in terms of more-than-frequent power outages, water shortage / cuts (however best you term it to minimize your frustration), and infrastructure that accommodates for hours long of traffic congestion causing an annual loss of $76million to the country.

Resource misallocation, inept administration failing to prioritize key areas of the economy, and rampant corruption has been hurtful since Tanzania was affected by multi-party theme in 1995. One may argue that liberalization and other such reforms were fostered, but it is important to see the progress made in the last decade and a half.

Where are we heading?

This is a question best left unanswered in safeguarding frustration and anger among the general masses - more vocal have been the lower-middle income groups. As has been the case, recently our PM was far more than vocal characterized with energy witnessed with a solar panel - to stress how important it is to showcase achievements made in the last 5 decades as 50 years of independence are to be celebrated next year. I eagerly wait to see those talked about achievements!

Talking about 49th year of independence recently celebrated, I was sitting in misery with power outage coupled with water shortage, where the former was restored after 40 hours and the latter after a period of 3 days!

Indeed, I call that Civilization 2.0.

PS: Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!

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